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Gemstone : For ruding the ill impacts of venus or to enchance the benefit impacts of venus diamond or substitue lircon is recommended. It is believed to best effecting if warm in white gold in ring finger on friday.

Rudraksha : for removing the ill impacts of venus 6 mukhi + 13 mukhi rudrakshi is recommended to wear.

Chanting : Chant beej mantra of venus 108 times dailly ” Aum Draam Draam Dreem Droom sAH sHUKRAY Namah. You also shukra stotra ” Hima kunda naalabham daitranam para mam gunum, sarya shastra pravaktaram bhargaven pranamanyaham” 6 times a days.

Donate : Donate silver, sugar, sweets, ghee, curd, white.

Charity : Clothes to needy people on friday.

Fasting : Natives on venus are always advised to vrat (fast) on friday bestowed to goddness shakti, the divine mother of all.

Do business of articles related to venus planet, like silk, materrials, silver, gold, rice, perfume, milk, products etc.

For five friday give milk + mistri to five young girl.

Eat sugar before leaving an auspicious work.

Plant fuls, plant on friday at home.

Plant white flowers at home.

Wear white or cream colour clothes.

Float white flower in the river or running water.

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