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Offering water with red chandan or red flower to sun every morning from vessell lota and chant “Aum Namah Jabakysum Sankaysham Kashyapeam Nahadhyuthim Tamarim Sarva Paapagnam Pranothasmi Divakarm ” 3 times is very powerfull practice to strengthen sun.

Chanting of Goytri Mantra for 108 times daily is highly recommended to make the sun favorable.

Chanting sun beej mantra 108 times every morning ” AUM Hraam Hreem Hraumsah Suryaya Namah ”

If your sun weak prefer wearing Ruby in copper or gold on Sunday.
Observe fast on every Sunday and donate Jaggery, Wheat, Copper.
Another great remedy for sun is to avoid alcohol and Neat.
Take a glass of water with sugar before commencing a new project or staring anything good.

Pay respect + serve your father + father like relative or any people also is a good remedy.

Throwing a copper coin or Jaggery in river consecutively for 43 days or Sunday is highly beneficial.
Perform Surya Namaskar. This will not even strengthen the weak sun but also help you stay healthy.

Feed low with wheat and Jaggery.

To reduce the ill effects of an inauspicious sun avoid taking anything free or any gift. Percents can be am exception in this case.

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