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Gemstone to control your temper + rage wear Moti

In siler ring on Monday . But don’t wear Pearl if Moon is in 6th, 8th + 12th house from lagna.

Rudraksha wear four or six faced rudraksha on Monday.
Offering milk to Shivalinga also strenghthens moon.

Wear solver ring or Bangle on Monday, You also used silver made utensils + wear silver Jewellery to empower Moon.

Keep water stored in silver glass in every temple area overnight and drink that water in the morning every day..

Donate milk, sugar, rice + silver to needy peoples on monday + donate white clothes to the holy man.

Put silver moon on the main entrance.

Put 21 grains of rice in shamkh + tie it in to white cloth + throw them in river or running water on monday.

Wear white clothes on monday

Moon represent Mother, so to improve your moon it is very important that you should keep good relation + give respect to every mother + mother like relaltives. Offer milk o mother + father.

Avoid accepting gift of silver items from others

Keep fast on monday

Don’t go on long journey on full moon of monday.

When under negative influence of moon offering white flower of cemeteries, also help.

Practing meditation everyday is one of the most preferrel remedies for+ moon.

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