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Gemstone : For reducing the ill impacts of Mercury or to enchance the benefic impacts of mercury green emerald is recoomended in little finger with gold on wednesday.

Rudraksha : Four Nukhi is recommended for remedy of Mercury.

Chanting : Chanting the beej mantra 108 times daily ” Aum Braam Breem Broom Sah Budhay Namah.

Charity or donate green cloths, green vegetables, daana green coop, bangles, sugar, blockgram on wednesday. Helping poor students gives much of beherment + positive result.

Fasting : Fasting on wednesday, Do business of mercury related articale like silver, gold, elephant teeth, readymade garment, oil, fruits, vegetables poultry ets,

Worship lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna + Lord Rama to pleased mercury.

Put T grains of moong dal, green coloured articales and one piece of bronze in a green cloth + then throw it in running water on wednesday.

Keep fast for 11 wednesday + 11 ekadasis wear + use green clothes.

Walk bare foot on green grass.

Never laugh or desrespect any menatally retarded or mentally weak person better try to help them,

Nail four bronze nails in the four corners of the bed or houseS.

When you buy new clothes make sure top wash them first before wearing.

One of the most effective remedies for mercury, is to feed cow green grass, spimoch + other green vegegtables.

Donate milk + rice to the religious place is reduce negative effect of mercury.

Use a silver glass to drinkl water,

You should wear copper coin in a water thread or silver chain.

Another great remedy for mercury is to quit neat and alchohol.

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