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Marriage between two : Manliks of the partners are manglik then this dasha gets mullified.All its ill effects are cancelled + the two can have a bleesed + happy married life.

Kumbh Vivah : When one person is manglik in a marriage, the negative effects of mangal dosah can be cancelled by performing this ritual called ‘Kumbh Vidh’ according to hindu vedic astrology a manglik person is made to m,arry a banana tree, peeple tree or a silver/ golden idol of lord vishnu.

Performing visiting navgrahja temple reduce the pujas ill effects caused by mangal dosha. The most popular temples are located in Guwahati, Assam, performing pujas on Tuesday is very effective to reduce the ill effects of mangal dosha visit lord hanuman temple + worship him on tuesdays. Offer vermilion + laddu + light a ghee lamp at the temple.

Gemstones : For remedy of mangal dosh. Ox blooded red coral is highly recommended wear, in the ring finger of right hand with gold or silver ring on Tuesday.

Fasting : Out of all the remedies fasting on tuesday is also considered on effective remedy, mangolik individuals who oberve a fast on this day should eat only daal ( Split – Pegeon daal) offerings and making contributions on Tuesdays is contributions considered as remedy for manglik individuals some objects that we are considered as items that so.

Chanting : Manglik individuals should chant the navgraha mantra, you can also chant hanuman chalisa daily. To reduce the molific effect of mangal, you may also chant beej mantra of mercury 108 times in a day ” Om Braam Breem, Broom Sah Budhay Namah.

Offering + making contributions on tuesday is contribution considered asa remedy for manglik individuals. You donate food tgat are made of ret masoor daal, wheat, breads red silks + swords or knifes

Offer jaggery, (God) and red flowers to lord Ganesha to get his blessings which can help you get rid of all the problems related to mangal dosha.

Donate blood on tuesday only, if your health allow.

You could pour rewari or batasha in flowing water.

Marriage a managalik is advice to get married after 28 years the age of 28 years because the intensits of the dosha come down with age.

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