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Gemstone yellow sapphire of pokpraj is highly recommended of Jupiter.It should be wear in gold on Thursday.

Mantral chanting jupiter beej mantra 108 times japa daily ” Aum Graam Greem Groom Sah Guruvay Namah.

Fasting on Thursday is great way to vrat pacify the wrath of jupiter. Keeping of blessing should wear yellow clothes + offer yellow fruits to god. To water banana tree + them worshiping it is a ritual to be followed. One should eat once in the intire day preferably channa dal + pure ghee.

Perform Rudrabhishakan to please Brihaspati Pooja Graha.
Charity the malefic effects can be Toned Daana down by performing charity. One needs to be donate jaggery, Tarmeric, Gramdal, Sugar, Sweets, Topaz, Gold + Sugar who related to spirituals + religion on Thursday.

Avoiding meat and alcohol also helps lessen the harmful effects of weak Jupiter

Respect teachers, gurus + elders care for them, serve them
seek blessings from them..

Practicing Meditation on can be one of the most effective remedies for Jupiter.

Applying turmeric powder and sand wood blend on your forehead is effective remedy to so the Jupiter.

To mitigate Jupiter’s negative influence, you should wear something yellow on your head like a cap, scarf or turban.

You should also consume saffron daily or apply it on maval, throat, forehead, eyebrows, and tongue.

You should wear gold ring or choin, Pray to lord shiva + pow butter oil on shiv-ling daily. This is seems as very powerful remedy for dealing with consequences of a male fie Jupiter.

Do selfless services towards society, the poor temple or any who need help.

Feeding jaggery to cows on Thursday can help get married + doing so in general can help get rid of obstacles in ones work.

A banana tree is often worshiped by unmarried girls to help them get m
arrived it is also help the married life stable and happy.

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